Shareholder Meetings

According to the Company's By-laws, calls for both ordinary and extraordinary shareholder meetings shall be made by means of a highly visible notification that shall be published at least three times, on different dates, in a newspaper that is published in the location of the corporate domicile and has been selected at a shareholders meeting, in the form and in accordance with the conditions indicated by the regulations. The same must also be mailed to each shareholder at least 15 days prior to the date of the meeting, specifying the matters to be discussed at the meeting, and how to obtain full versions of documents that specify the grounds for selecting each of the different options that are to be voted on. However, meetings that are attended by representatives of all valid voting shares may be deemed to have been valid even if the requirements for calling the meeting in question have not been met. All shareholder meetings that are held must be reported to the Commission for Financial Market (CMF) at least 15 days in advance.

The only parties eligible to participate in shareholder meetings, and to speak at and vote in those meetings, shall be the holders of shares recorded in the Company’s record of shareholders five working days in advance of the date on which the shareholders meeting in question is held. Each shareholder shall be entitled to one vote for each share that they hold or represent.

No holder of Series A or Series B shares may, acting on their own behalf or in representation of other voting shares in the same series, hold rights to more than 37.5% of all valid voting shares in either series. Similarly, no shareholder may, acting on their own behalf or in representation of other voting shares, hold rights to more than 32% of all valid voting shares in the Company; any excess over and above 32% must be discounted for these purposes. When calculating these percentages, shares held by related parties of the shareholder in question must be included in the total.

Shareholder Meeting Documents